Thursday, February 22, 2007

New flees and pleas

As Britney Spears bolted rehab for the second time in less than a week, her ex, Kevin Federline, is reportedly heading for an emergency hearing today on custody of their two young children.

Federline and his attorney are scheduled to appear before a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge today, a court spokesperson told "Anything is possible," the spokesperson said.

A friend of the family's tells the Daily News that Spears' two baby boys remain in Los Angeles with family members and that her under-the-radar rapper ex is continuing to visit them as scheduled. Federline's lawyer Mark Kaplan has yet to say whether or not his client will now seek full custody of their children.

Spears once again checked out of rehab after only a day, leaving Malibu's Promises rehab facility early yesterday morning.

The detox-ditching diva left against the advice of the treatment center, but because she entered voluntarily, no one could stop her from walking out the door.

"If she comes back for treatment, Promises will have to assess the situation. Sometimes people come back, but it doesn't look good," a source dished to People magazine. Promises CEO Richard Rogg told The News this week that only a handful of people ever leave his center quickly.

After fleeing treatment, Spears was spotted driving around Beverly Hills, again in the ill-fitting blond wig that she wore out on her sad, lonely bar crawl over the weekend.

She drove up to a swanky complex called the Shoreham Towers in a silver sedan and got out of the car clutching her minimutt Bit Bit, a credit card, a composition notebook, a cell phone and a cigarette lighter.

Wearing ratty workout shorts, tube socks, a cheap sweatshirt and a string of pearls, Spears was reportedly looking at apartments.

Yesterday's escape from rehab comes only five days after Spears checked out of Antigua treatment center Crossroads, also against the center's advice.

Paparazzi swarmed the Promises center Tuesday afternoon after learning of Spears' whereabouts. And they were also on Spears' tail yesterday afternoon when she met with Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Blair Berk, who represented actress Reese Witherspoon in her battle with hard-driving paparazzi and also fought in actor Mel Gibson's corner in his sensational DUI case.

Friends of Spears' are saying that she fled Promises because she felt too exposed and worried that the hovering paparazzi could easily document her treatment with telescopic lenses.

To add to her woes, reported that the hotline for child protective services in Los Angeles has been burning up with calls questioning her ability to care for her two young sons. The agency told The News it could not comment on caller tips.

Meanwhile, Spears' former nannies are having their say to US Weekly about how Spears has been handling her children. They say the punchy pop princess is an incompetent mother who expects her hired help to become her new best friends, chatting with her and watching her change her outfits.

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