Monday, March 19, 2007

Naomi Campbell's Cleanup Act

In order to clean up her legal troubles, Naomi Campbell will be cleaning up a whole lot of other stuff this week.

The supermodel traded her stilettos for work boots Monday, as she reported for duty at the sanitation garage where she'll spend the next five days mopping floors as part of her sentence for throwing a cell phone at her maid over a missing pair of jeans.

Campbell made a punctual entrance to the Manhattan District 3 Garage at Pier 36, pulling up in a black SUV, from which she emerged nattily dressed in beige pants, a short coat with a flared bottom, high-heeled boots, a newsboy cap and sunglasses.

She did not acknowledge the media awaiting her arrival as she made her way to the building's doors, escorted by a garage official.

In addition to requisite cleaning supplies, she was issued a uniform consisting of protective gloves, an orange safety vest and a dust mask.

"Miss Campbell arrived on time to work. She came ready to work," Albert Durrell, deputy chief of the Department of Sanitation, told reporters assembled outside the facility.

"We have plenty of work for her to do over the next five days," he added.

As for what that work might entail, according to one of Campbell's new coworkers at the sanitation facility, it won't be pretty.

"She'll be on her feet most of the day, with a big broom, sweeping inside the garage—dust, dirt, dirty liquids and things that fall off the trucks in there," the unnamed worker told the New York Post.

"She'll do that for hours—and if there's nothing to sweep, she'll have to look busy, walk around with the broom."

Earlier this month, Campbell's rep told the New York Daily News that the model was fully prepared to get her hands dirty.

"Naomi is ready to report and complete her community service, no matter where or what she will be assigned," the rep said.

Campbell, 36, will be spared the indignities suffered by Boy George, who was sentenced to serve community service at the same facility last summer, but was forced to work outside in front of crowds of paparazzi.

Because of the catwalker's high-profile status, sanitation police will guard the garage's entrances as she toils, Durrell said.

Campbell pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault in January, acknowledging that a cell phone had left her hand and connected with maid Ana Scolavino's noggin, but stopping short of admitting that had been her intent.

"I threw a cell phone in the apartment. The cell phone hit Ana," Campbell said at the time. "This was an accident, because I did not intend to hit her."

In addition to the five days of community service, she was ordered to pay Scolavino's medical expenses of $363 and to attend anger management counseling.

At the first of her court-ordered anger management classes earlier this month, the notoriously fiery-tempered Campbell reportedly expressed remorse for her phone-tossing outburst.

"I do honestly feel very sorry. I don't know if people will believe that. I mean I cannot believe I am sitting here," she said, according to the New York Post.

"And, I have said it before, but this time I truly mean it. I feel sorry and I am really going to learn from my mistakes."

At the very least, she's sure to pick up some new cleaning techniques.


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DFitz said...

I am close to positive everyone was sooo happy to see Ms. Campbell having to do community service. For me, it just about matched that Martha Stewert in jail feling I got. Its always nice to see our A.T.L (Above the law) society serving time.
Real Talk w/ Sheltlew and DFitz

Elween said...

she is more likely doing a fashion show rather than community service. sigh....