Thursday, June 14, 2007

Free movies offered during Orientation

Most memories of Freshmen Orientation involve, well, not much - confusion, awkward bus rides, boring lectures, more boring lectures and a lot of walking.

However, incoming freshmen of 2007 have a little more to look forward to.

This summer, the Tate Center Theater offers a film series correlating with Orientation dates.

"The movies were chosen by students of University Union. They did their best to choose movies that did well in the theaters and aren't out on DVD yet," said Marc LaMotte, program adviser for the University's Student Activities & Organizations.

Not only will these flicks give students something to do during down time, but they will give their wallets a break, too.

At the great price of free, students both new and old have the opportunity for stress-free fun.

Next Wednesday's movie is "Meet the Robinsons," a Disney adaptation of William Joyce's novel "A Day with Wilbur Robinson."

"There are pretty good movie choices this summer," said incoming freshmen Brandon Pope, a cellular biology major from Dekalb County. "I think they will be good to bring people, especially new students, together."

"Meet the Robinsons" is an animated flick involving memory scanners, time machines, villains and heroes - a Disney staple.

With positive reviews from critics and audiences, Adam West and Angela Bassett's voices prove entertaining.

"Free anything will get my ears perked up, especially free movies since they are so expensive now," said Alexis Catlett, an incoming Pre-Med major from Columbus. "I wanted to see 'Meet the Robinsons.' A lot of my friends saw it and loved it."

Other movies appearing in Tate Center Theater this summer include unique films such as the comedy "Blades of Glory," starring Will Ferrell and Jon Heder as male figure skaters, and "Grindhouse,"a collaboration between Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

"The summer movie list looks great - if I'm in town, I would definitely stop by and bring friends," Catlett said.

The Tate Theater's film series gives students free entertainment while also creating an opening for new freshmen, possibly foreign to Athens, to meet other students.

"I think that the movies would be a great ice breaker, especially since some of them are funny and laughter is sometimes the best ice breaker of all," Catlett said.

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